The 8 Skills Every Successful Affiliate Marketer Needs


It takes a special kind of person to become skilled at affiliate marketing.

We’re not specialists. In order to succeed, we have to become experts in multiple areas. Almost all of us start off solo, and we’re forced to wear different hats. As an affiliate marketer, you have to create ads, manage your money, negotiate with people, manage your team, and solve one problem after another.

There’s a term in business called “T-Shaped” skills. It means to be an expert in a single field, while having a broad knowledge of several other disciplines.


People ask me what skills they need to be successful at affiliate marketing. You don’t need anything but a solid work ethic and persistence to begin. Over time, however, you will need to develop the following skills if you want to succeed.

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The Definitive Guide to, The Best Affiliate Tracker Ever

I just finished writing version 1 of my guide to I’ve been using it for a few months now and believe it’s the best affiliate tracker ever created. This is a must if you run any mobile traffic.

  • The Benefits of using
  • Why I prefer over other trackers
  • Setting up and launching your first campaign. I wrote this especially for newbies since tracking can be confusing to understand. 

I’m currently working on expanding it to cover more material such as split-testing, analyzing data, and more. 

The guys behind have gone over my guide to make sure everything’s accurate.

It’s 100% free until September so make sure you give it a try. 

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Steal 4 of My Profitable Headline Formulas


I had no idea how to write ads when I first started.

My understanding of copywriting was basic, and I was pretty much copying my competitors’ writing.

This didn’t work out well because I have created duplicate headlines, which were competing against the existing headlines (sorry, guys).

I was at Barnes & Noble one day browsing through the magazine section. I figured I would look at magazines for inspiration since they use professional copywriters.

I had a big “A-ha” moment when I realized most of the headlines were similar to each other. Although the magazines covered vastly different topics, ranging from cars to women’s issues and fashion, I noticed I could break their headlines down into formulas and create headline templates.

I asked myself, “Could I apply some of these formulas to affiliate marketing?”

I had to adapt the headlines to match my goals and to accommodate a limited number of characters, but finally I was able to get higher click-through rates on my ads. Better ads meant lower click costs and more profitable campaigns.

Here’s a look inside of several proven formulas I’ve used and the psychology behind them.

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When to Leave Your Job for Affiliate Marketing



There’s one huge moment in every affiliate’s career. It’s the moment you decide to step up your game and become a full-time affiliate marketer.

No more steady paycheck every two weeks. Your destiny is now in your hands.

People ask me all the time, “Hey, Charles! When should I quit my job?”

Some people literally want me to make the decision for them. 

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10 Life Lessons I Learned From Playing Poker


I started playing poker around a decade ago in college. 

All I knew back then is that I wanted to be rich one day and getting a normal job wasn’t the path. Unfortunately there’s not plenty of opportunities for a 19 year old to get rich, and I didn’t know about internet marketing. The poker boom was in full effect and it seemed as if every Asian guy I knew was trying out poker. I figured I’d give it a shot since I’m good at math. 

It’s easy to get attracted to the poker lifestyle. You could play at home and make tons of money. I watched all the TV shows and it seemed every poker pro was living a baller lifestyle. There was also this level of manly respect you can earn if you’re good at poker. There’s nothing like the high you can get when you’re on a winning streak. 

I’m not pretending as if I was the next Scotty Nguyen, but in that short time period I was able to learn quite a bit. I quit when I realized internet marketing was a far better option for me. I didn’t just learn how to play poker but I dissected the information and applied it to my life.

Here are 10 lessons that I learned from playing poker that I still use today. The best part is you can learn these through 5 minutes of reading than grinding it out like I did. 

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30 Day Challenge #3: Drink More Water



Previous 30 Day Challenges

  1. Meditation 
  2. Daily Gratitude 

I’m about to finish the 30 day gratitude challenge from last month. 

It was easy to find things to be grateful for the first two weeks such as health, family, etc. But I noticed it became harder to find new things to be grateful for as time went on. After two weeks I had to sit down and think deeper about what I’m grateful for. 

That’s when I discovered ideas I didn’t realize before. I work at home and don’t have to waste 2 hours a day in traffic. I saw a homeless guy on the highway and realized I should be grateful for a roof over my head. 

You know what’s tough about being in today’s culture?

We always feel as if we don’t have enough. Everyone’s always bragging on Facebook and we have a closer look than ever into the lives of celebrities. I mean my life is fucking awesome but I think “FML” whenever I see Dan Blizerian’s Instagram.

This gratitude challenge help put things into perspective of what I already do have. Your life might “suck” but it could be the dream life from someone else’s perspective. 

The primary purpose of this blog is to become a better affiliate marketer. Being the best affiliate you can be means you have to kick ass in all areas of your life.

That’s what these challenges are about. Not only do I want to help you develop positive habits, but I want to show you guys the processes behind how I do it. 

July Challenge: Drink More Water

Who’s ready for the next 30 day challenge? 

I’m going to go for improving health. The easiest way to start off is for us to drink more water.

Everyone tells you that you need to drink more water. I know as a kid I HATED drinking water. It has no flavor and growing up I only wanted soda and orange juice. 

Now that I’m older and more health conscious, I know how important it is to drink water.  [Read more...]

The Leads Are Weak? Tips to Improving Your Lead Quality

“The leads are weak”
“Fucking leads are weak? You’re weak!”

Every affiliate will experience this sooner or later.

After months of frustration you finally have a profitable campaign. You go to sleep dreaming about what you’re going to do with all the money that’s gonna roll in. But wait! As soon as you wake up you have emails, skypes, and whatsapp from your affiliate manager.

“You have to pause offer #93829. The advertiser doesn’t like your quality”

At this point you’re upset that the campaign has to pause (and you probably want to kill your affiliate manager)

What is Lead Quality?

Affiliates should understand that advertisers need to make money as well. They have numbers that they need to hit in order to stay profitable. If you keep sending them bad leads then why would they keep doing business with you? 

The ultimate campaign would one where everyone benefits: You make money, the advertiser makes money, the traffic source is fine with what you’re running, and even the customer comes out a winner!

Let me explain lead quality by giving you an example using the dating niche (most of dating is done through lead generation)

  • John fills in his information
  • He confirms the registration through his email (also called a double opt-in)
  • The affiliate gets paid $5 or whatever the agreed upon price is

At this point the advertiser has invested $5 into the lead you sent. Their goal now is for John to browse their website and to upgrade his membership from a free one, into a monthly paid membership. If John upgrades, then the advertiser’s happy because the lead they paid for has matured into a sale. 

What happens if the advertiser pays you for $2,000 worth of leads and no one upgrades? They’re down -$2,000 and will tell the affiliate network to pause your campaign. At this point they’re going to wait it out and hope some of the leads convert. 

What if they spend $2,000 and made much more money back? They’re gonna love you! They’ll increase your cap and they’ll increase your payout. With a higher cap and payout you can afford to outbid your competition and get a bigger piece of the pie.

That’s why most lead offers have a “cap” of how much you can send per day initially because they don’t to pay for $10,000 worth of crap traffic. 

There might be other reasons for that go into offer quality such as chargebacks, cancellations, and complaints. 

Paying attention to your offer quality will give you a significant advantage over your competition. You don’t want to be just another copy & paste affiliate that has no competitive moats. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to improve my quality. 

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