[Audio Post] Question and Answer Session 4/10/2014

I decided to do a Q&A session for my Facebook Fans. (You should follow my Facebook page because I update it daily with unique content. It’s not me uploading a random motivational picture everyday like everyone else does.)

Charles Ngo’s Facebook Page

I went with an audio format because I want more practice with speaking on a mic. It’s a completely different skill set than talking to a person and I’d like to improve at it.

It only took 20 minutes to record since I did it in one take, and only 5 minutes to upload on Soundcloud. I love keeping things simple. Going forward I’d like to do more of these since articles can take me a few hours to write. Also some readers prefer the audio format.

I consider these to be “audio posts” rather than podcast. Technically they are the same thing, but the term podcast gives me the weird feeling of responsibility.

I have to make a fancy intro, get proper editing, find guests, record on a regular schedule, etc. With these audio posts I feel no pressure and can just record them whenever I want.

[Dropbox Download Link]

It’s 20 minutes where I covered 5 topics

  1. How to start with $500 in affiliate marketing
  2. 5 mistakes that stop intermediate affiliates from becoming Super Affiliates
  3. Tips on clean bulking
  4. Teams / VA’s / responsibilities
  5. What do I invest in, my future in the industry

Does anyone have any recommendations for SIMPLE audio transcription? I want to go through a service that makes it easy such as OneHourTranslation.

I’m doing another Q & A recording next week on Wednesday.

I’m trying to build up my email list this year, so the next one is only going to be released to be my email subscribers. If you’re not on the list, then sign up for free below.

Some of my best content this year will be available via email only by the way.

Have any questions? Feel free to comment below.

Learn the Best Marketing in the World…For Free

The following is a guest post by my friend Malan Darras. You can find him on twitter and he blogs regularly at malandarras.com

As an affiliate marketer, part of your job is to constantly upgrade your skills and adapt with the times. You probably read some blogs, some books and emails to stay up to date on what’s working best right now.

Malan Darras - Time and Skills

But what you may not realize, is that one of the best resources for finding new marketing tricks (that actually work) is in your own experience online every day and even right now.

At this moment, the web is filled with powerful marketing tricks and tactics. You encounter them all day long. If you pay close attention to your personal experience online, you can capture these tactics and use them in your own campaigns.

Mind Control

Websites, apps and games are getting really good at messing with our heads. They’re so good at it that we spend all day checking for new emails and refreshing social network feeds hoping to see any new information.

Why? Because it’s exciting. And at this point, it’s as addictive as a drug.

red-dotExample: Doesn’t your heart jump when you see that red circle pop up with new activity on Facebook?

Mine does too.

That’s why 1000s of affiliates use that exact graphic in their ads. For some reason that little red circle with a number in it makes people go nuts and click like crazy.

My Experiment

Not so long ago I started paying attention to my reactions to these kinds of things. Any time something made me react in any way, I wrote it down or saved it to a swipe file.

Swipe File: A folder on your computer used to save and catalog ideas found on the web

My thinking was that if these things make me react, then there is a pretty good chance I could use the same tactics, verbatim on other people for my own gain.

So I started saving everything that made me react and testing it on my own campaigns.

The results of these experiments have been pretty shocking.

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Charles Ngo Gets Interviewed on Two Podcasts

I was recently featured in two podcasts and wanted to share them with you. They are must listen if you are fans of my knowledge.

Episode 3 of The Affplaybook Podcast

David Ford interviewed me and grilled me on affiliate marketing theory, my favorite books, motivational theory, and more. 

Affplaybook Podcast Episode 3: Charles Ngo


The “Lost” Interview by AsianEfficiency

This interview took place around 2-3 years ago when I was living in Bangkok, Thailand. It slipped through the cracked over at AE.com, and I assumed it was posted the whole time ;-).

Plenty of talk on business, productivity, and traveling.

Keep in mind the interview took place a few years ago so some of my practices and thoughts might have changed since then. But overall the information is solid.

AsianEfficiency Interviews Charles Ngo on Business, traveling, and productivity. 

Interested in me starting a podcast? Let me know in the comments – I could use a motivation boost to get me started.

Do you have a podcast and want me on it? Email me.

Big Changes by Google to Affect Mobile Affiliate Marketers


Charles Ngo News (CNN)

Google has sent an email to Android app developers the other day with updates to Google play policy. You can read the email at Android Police.

There is one section (pictured above) that directly affects affiliates.

Here are my guesses on how this will affect mobile affiliates.

  1. Utility campaigns will be hit the hardest.  The biggest offenders were Mobogenie, Cleanmaster, and anti-virus applications. The reason is system alerts are a high converting tactic used by affiliate marketers.

    John could be playing a game on his phone and there would be a pop up ad. Oh no, it says that he might have a virus on his phone and he needs to install a certain app to get rid of it.You can see how effective this tactic is, and why Google hates it.

    He probably doesn’t have any Viruses, and it hurts Android’s reputation when people are seeing they might have viruses everyday.


  2. Redirection. John visits a website and he’s automatically redirected to the Google Play store to download an app. The problem is he didn’t want to visit that page in the first place. [Read more...]

The Split-Test Affiliates Forget to do 99% of the Time


I gave a tip to a friend of mine that ended up boosting his campaigns by a few hundred profit per day and I want to share it with you.

I’ve always stressed that the most important aspect of any campaign is the offer. The best landing pages, ads, and angles in the world don’t matter if the offer doesn’t convert.

Most affiliates will do two things in order to optimize the offer.

1) The first is they’ll ask for a pay bump. If the offer pays $3 street, then getting it bumped to $5 will instantly make your campaign more profitable.

2) Split-test offers. We’ll use USA mainstream dating as an example to make it simple. If you’re running USA dating then perhaps you would split-test match vs eharmony vs localusadating (made-up offer). You’d run a 33/33/33 split test in CPVLabs and just see which one makes the most money.

In this scenario people would get the paybump for localusadating, and they see that localusadating is the winner. They are “done” with optimizing the offer and move on to other variables of the equation.

There is a missing 3rd step and that would be split-testing the offer on different affiliate networks.

My friend John was running localusadating and getting a $5 payout and didn’t understand why he would split-test on different networks. He asked around and no one could match the $5 payout, but someone else offered $4.75.

He did a 50/50 split-test and the network that paid less per lead ended up generating more revenue.

His filthy newbie mind couldn’t understand why.

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Ngo’s Favorite Gear Volume 2

Gear Guide Volume 1

Here’s another edition of Ngo’s favorite gear where I share with you some products that have made my life easier.

I got an amazing response from the last edition where quite a few of you bought the Roost stand, foam roller, and Chocolate Super food. I appreciate the Amazon commissions as well!

Feel free to provide feedback on your experiences with any of these items.

Packing Cubes

What: Packing Cubes
Price: $30
Where: Amazon
Score 10/10

If you travel frequently then these packing cubes will make your life easier. They keep my clothes organized and they save space so I can pack more items.

I’m heading to San Francisco for a few days and this is what my suitcase looks like.


Large pack for shirts, medium pack for pants, small pack for undergarments. 1 bag for extra shoes. 1 Dopple bag for toiletries.

Another benefit is if you’re going from city to city, it can separate the clean and dirty laundry apart.

If you want shoe bags you can get them here because I know some of you guys are putting $500 shoes inside plastic grocery bags.

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How to Make Money With Mobile Content Offers (Pin Submits)

The following is a guest post by Alexander Tsatkin, who is the Vice President of Mobile at Matomy Media Group

In this guide, I will teach you exactly what mobile content offers are, how to run them, and why they’re so awesome.

Before I get started, I want to point out that networks use different names for these types of offers. Mobile content offers can also be called premium SMS, mobile subscription, pin submits, etc.

To keep it simple, I’ll call these offers mobile content.

What Are Mobile Content Offers?

Mobile content offers are mobile-based products that the user can pay to subscribe to and receive on a regular basis.

One of the most popular mobile content products used to be ringtones. Although they are still around and do well in certain countries, advertisers have become more creative and have started to offer new mobile content products including

  • Wallpapers
  • Anti-virus protection
  • Games
  • Win an iPad / iPhone
  • Fortune / Horoscopes
  • Adult Content
  • Battery Boosters
  • and Much more [Read more...]