Charles Ngo Joins the StackThatMoney: Thought Leader Council


A few years ago, 3 Super affiliates (Mr. Green, Stackman, Besmir) started a private forum for affiliate marketers. There are plenty of free affiliate marketing forums out there, but they saw an opportunity for a closed off community.

As you know, there are a lot of secrets in affiliate marketing. As much as I’ve shared on this blog, there’s a ton of subjects I don’t write about because I don’t feel comfortable sharing in such a public setting. A place like STM lets me talk about campaigns on a deeper level, and it has been a great way for me to network with other affiliates. (hint: if you’re a newbie who wants to Skype mastermind with other affiliates, this is where you can do it)

(search through my old posts for some gems)

I’ve been posting there for a few years now and they invited me to be a part of their new Thought Council. You can think of it as their “hall of fame” in a way. A nice benefit is they plan on hosting private masterminds at each conference to talk about the state of affiliate marketing.

Here’s what the STM Thought council is in Mr. Green’s words. 

“STM is now the largest and most tight knit premium affiliate marketing community hands down. 

There have been a whooping 175,000 posts since STM started 3.5 years ago. 

The membership base is made up of some insanely talented people. However, there have been a few that have been a few STMers who have shone above the rest and really contributed in a big way to STM. So we have decide to put together the STM Global Thought Leaders Council, where we acknowledge these STMers and their tremendous contributions.. 

I will be announcing the first STM Thought Leaders this week, along with their stories of how they got to where they are today. Their stories are pretty amazing. **Hint the first few guys will all be speaking at STM London.”

I’m proud to be a part of this group since STM is a great community. 

Mr. Green wanted me to write a detailed backstory on my affiliate marketing journey. Well…I already wrote an 8 part biography on that. 

But people have been asking me for one more chapter for the past year. What happened after I created that $500 profit campaign?

I share a little on how I turned that campaign from $500 profit the first day, to $100,000+ profit a day within a few months. I don’t like talking about how much money I’ve made so I hope this can motivate some of you guys to take action. 

Wait until next month and I’ll post a detailed review of StackThatMoney, and I’ll review some other paid affiliate marketing forums as well. I think private forums can be valuable and I want to help you make the best decision. 

You should read the stories of the other STM Thought Leaders so far: Benjamin Yong (talks about how he had to overcome a difficult childhood), Tim Tetra (this man takes the “affiliate lifestyle” to the extreme). I asked Mr. Green, and he claims you don’t have to be Asian to be on the Thought Council. 

StackThatMoney will be hosting their annual meet up in London next year (March 2015). It’s free and open to non-members of the forum so start making your plans. I will be speaking along with 15+ other high quality speakers. I’m a competitive man so trust me that I will bring the heat. 

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7 Steps to Take After You Make $500 a Day


I shared some insights last week on how newbies should approach their first profitable campaigns.

I then realized there’s not really much material on what to do after you start making money. Where should you be spending your money? Should you scale more or expand to different campaigns? 

Each level of success brings its own challenges. An affiliate who’s making $1,000 a day has a different set of challenges compared to someone just starting out. And just because you made $1,000 in profit yesterday doesn’t mean you’ve made it.

I’ve seen too many hot-shot affiliates go back to working 9-5 jobs within a year because they couldn’t adapt or they became complacent. The industry can be unforgiving to those not at the top of their games. 

After observing hundreds of affiliates over the past few years, I’ve come up with a few pieces of advice to help you further your affiliate career.

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How a Blog Reader Made $500 a Day Using 4 Learning Hacks


A few months ago I received an email from a blog reader name John asking for help. 

He knew from my reading list that I’m a fan of “hacking” learning because I recommended books such as The Art of Learning and The Talent Code. I don’t think you need 10,000 hours to be an an expert at a skill, and you can use different techniques to speed up the process. John wanted to know if there were any “learning hacks” for affiliate marketing.

This question is interesting because most emails I get are “hey I am a newbie, do you have any tips for me?”

I thought about it for a while and came up with my theories. I gave him a 10 minute call since it would be easier than writing it out. He thanked me and promised me he would repay me by becoming a success story.

I didn’t hear from him for about 3 months. Most people I give advice to don’t really take action and just disappear. But I was surprised when I received an email from him that he made his first $500 profit day. That’s astonishing because I know many guys who have been trying this for years and haven’t even earned $500 total. 

I jumped on a call with John to deconstruct his process and how he did it. I wanted to know how a newbie in 2014 succeeds. The guy’s smart and I’m not taking credit for his success. What I will do is share the advice I gave him, and I will share how he applied it.

If anyone ever makes money because of my blog, please let me know. It’s the main fuel that keeps me writing these days. 

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What Makes Someone a Super Affiliate?


The phrase “Super Affiliate” gets tossed around a lot in this industry. I’ve always hated it because I’ve associated it with low-level “gurus” trying to make a quick buck.

Over time, I’ve grown to accept it because the term came to mean the best affiliates in the industry – the top 1%. They are the people who know how to run profitable campaigns like the back of their hands and have the bank accounts to prove it.

I feel that the image of a super affiliate has changed over time. In 2009, it probably meant someone who was extremely flashy, young, and most likely arrogant. These days, it’s the complete opposite.

Some of the super affiliates of the past took their skills and money and built legitimate companies. But I would say most people of that generation quietly left the industry because they couldn’t adapt. 

Super affiliates of today tend to be a lot more low-key than before. There’s a lot more interest in building wealth and acquiring assets than showing off money. And there’s more interest in learning about business skills. For instance, super affiliates these days tend to be extremely well-read and well-rounded people.  

I want to write about what I think makes a super affiliate besides the ability to make a lot of money. I hope to provide you with some insights on what it takes to dominate and last in this industry.

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30-Day Challenge #6 – No Social Media

Less Social Media, More Making
photo credit: Volthair via photopin cc

Previous 30-day challenges:

  1. Meditation
  2. Daily Gratitude
  3. Drink More Water
  4. Stretching
  5. No Caffeine

The Results of the Previous Challenge: No Caffeine 

On average, my monthly caffeine consumption was:

  • 30 cups of coffee (1 cup of black coffee each morning) 
  • 20 scoops of pre-workout supplement ( I work out 5 times a week) 
  • 8 cups of soda (I typically drink a can of soda twice a week)

This month, I challenged myself to not drink any caffeine. Things didn’t go quite as planned, and I did cheat a few times. This month, I consumed:

  • 2 cups of coffee (it happened during the first week when I was crashing from coffee withdrawal)
  • 2 scoops of pre-workout supplement (I was tired and wanted to get the most out of chest day)
  • 2 cans of soda (it was hard to resist having some coke with Korean Kalbi)

I am sharing this with you to show you I’m not super-human. I’m just like you and can succumb to temptation. However, I still consider my experiment a success because I consumed 90% less caffeine than I would normally. It’s a huge win because I made progress. 

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September 2014 Question & Answer Session [32 minutes]

I just finished recording this month’s question and answer session. Make sure you’re subscribed to my Facebook page if you want to ask a question for next month.

I answered 11 questions. I think this is the best one I’ve done so far. Sorry if I’m a little low energy on this recording (late night flight)

  • What are the best ways to keep employees motivated?
  • Which workout & diet plan gave you the best results for muscle growth.
  • Do you usually increase frequency cap, before increasing the bid if you want to scale it up?
  • How to deal with click loss? Do you factor that in the cost or do you ask for a refund.
  • Hey Charles, you recommend POF, Adult, or mobile as good traffic sources for newbies. The first two make perfect sense but didn’t you also say with mobile there’s a lot more variables to test? More variables means more moving parts and a bigger budget to test- wouldn’t that be overwhelming for newbies.
  • What are the pros and cons of SMARTCPM
  • How to Push a break even campaign into a profitable one? What elements to check like landing page, dayparting, etc.
  • Hi Charles, how do you keep your consistency? How can you sustain your mind and body to work whenever you want to? I have problems dealing with it. Sometimes my mind functions very well, but sometimes I woke up and I feel totally messed up. My brain seems “black & white”. How can you turn your switched to work mode so easily?
  • Hey Charles, where and how can I learn to create ad copies that actually convert?
  • Have you ever had an issue with an affiliate network not paying you out? How can we avoid the risk.
  • What are your expectations of your girlfriend? Does she have to be as successful as you?

Listen to the September 2014 Question & Answer Session

Dominate Mobile: Get My List of 175 Mobile Traffic Sources

I have a spreadsheet of mobile traffic sources that I’ve been working on over the past year.

I was going through it last night and thought to myself, why not hook my readers up? Some of these networks are familiar to anyone who’s doing mobile. But there are quite a few hidden gems in here that I gathered from walking around conferences, networking, and searching online.

I left my notes off the file, but you should start adding yours once you get some experience.

What kind of notes? You can categorize some of these sources according to their specialities: push traffic, adult traffic, etc. You could also write down what operating systems and geos they have more volume in.

Do you promote a “shady” offer? Write down the traffic sources that you’re allowed to run in and which ones have it banned.

Get Your Free Report: 175 Mobile Traffic Sources

Need some affiliate networks with mobile offers?

Here are 3 recommendations.